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"Concept of Fear" is a gripping first-person psychological horror game that delves into the debilitating fear of being alone, otherwise known as autophobia. 

The game is set in an old, worn-out apartment building, whose eerie atmosphere adds to the already intense fear and tension that the player experiences as they navigate through the game. 

The game is designed to immerse the player in a truly unsettling and terrifying experience.


ConceptofFear.zip 300 MB


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This game was pretty interesting. I did roam around alot not knowing what I should be doing and It took me forever to find all those body parts. Overall though its a nice solid horror game that had a few good jumpscares.

I really liked the game it scared me a few times! I'm not sure if there was a bug thought because it wouldn't let me progress forward after I collected the body parts? 

At around 15:33, there is a body part between the bathtub and the toilet that you missed! I'll definitely make a counter for these in the future. Thanks for playing!

oh okay that makes more sense. Thanks for letting me know. It is a really good game thought you done a really good job:) 


Comments below clip:

The human ear is developed 100% before birth. Thus, I found it difficult to follow noises/sounds in this game, because they were all over the place and didn't lead to anything.

Having said that, I did enjoy the puzzle part of the game, because solving it did make me feel smart [as I'm not really good at games like this :o].

The story itself was wicked, so I'd recommend readers/viewers to download/pay for this game and enjoy it the way I did.

Kudos to all involved.

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

Game is at 12:10. I could say that it had good gameplay, although the monster and jumpscares could have been more refined. All in all - a good short game. 8/10

100% agree. Thanks for playing!


I unfortunately didnt enjoy your game as much as I hoped.. the audio is off, the puzzle was too confusing for what its worth.. the animations were janky and slow. I  feel like you have the right idea about horror though and do not take this to heart - just general feedback! heres my playthrough:

I perfectly understand and I'm sorry you didn't get the experience that you wanted. I'll definitely keep that in mind for my future games. Thanks for playing!

I really enjoyed this game! I go more in depth on thoughts in the video but overall, I want more games like this. It's subtle, has great atmosphere, and the buildup is done well too. The constant feeling of not knowing fully what's going on works in the games favor as well. If I had to give any criticism it'd absolutely be the ending. It felt goofy and didn't match the rest of the game at all. Like I said though, awesome game. Thanks for making it!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the compliment!

I totally understand the criticism. If it weren't for the time constraint, the ending would have had more thought put into it. Don't worry, my next game(s) won't have such a time constraint and I will put my absolute best into it. Thanks for playing!

That's awesome to hear, can't wait to see what you do next!

Very fun game!

Thank you! Thanks for playing!

This was a good game did noe expect that ending keep up the good work and i hope you enjoy the video

Fire thumbnail! Thanks for playing!

Thank You and your welcome

Hahah you got me a few times, overall disturbing and creepy good job
first game in my playthroughs

I'm glad I did! haha. Thanks for playing!

Awesome game! Super Super Creepy. Made me really uncomfortable i really enjoyed it. 


Thank you for the positive feedback and thanks for playing!

Absolutely loved the game, although I did run into a game-breaking glitch where the bedroom locker never opened even with the key. Regardless the game was tremendous and id recommends it to anyone looking for a good scary game.

First of all, that's an amazing thumbnail!

Thanks for pointing out the glitch. Apparently, I should've play-tested it a little bit longer haha.  Thanks for playing!

I follow this site of yours constantly, and I have played a lot of your wonderful games, but there is a small note, and it is I wish that you would make in your games the possibility of modifying the buttons on the keyboard, it would be wonderful, thank you

Thank you for your support and feedback!

I will definitely consider this feature in future games and make sure to continuously improve the gaming experience for everyone!

will there be update?

I'm afraid not :(.

But don't worry. I'm currently working on a new game! Stay tuned!


Hey, thanks for playing!

(1 edit)

I'm kinda stuck.. what do I do during the "Explore rooms" section? I've already explored the halls and everything-

i also tried moving the locker doors by what number it shows in every room but that also didnt work

I believe that is after you found the second note. In that case, the TV should be broken again and you should get a screwdriver to use somewhere in the bedroom. Hope this helps!

Alright, thank you! :D


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i cant find the screwdriver, I've looked everywhere :(

im also trying not to look at videos 

Sorry for the late reply!

The screwdriver is inside the TV. You should find it when it breaks.

Short and fun game, good work :)


Thank you and thanks for playing!

This game was pretty rock solid. Made a video on it.


Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing, Fearagen!

Cover image looks like a Furby


It does! Now there's an idea


Tattletail successor?

Time will tell!

Loved this one. :D


Lovely to hear that! Thanks for playing!

i like this game 

I'm glad to hear that! Thanks for playing!

great short creepy game

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

I really was expecting to open the last door and see bones to baby back ribs. Thank you for a beautiful experience!

Many were planned to be the ending, but I chose that specific one! Thanks for playing!

enjoyed the game. thankyou

I'm very glad you did! Thanks for playing!

Great game, gave me some scares! Especially when I'm sick too! haha


Thanks for playing and get well soon!

Thank you!

Very good game


Thanks for the kind words and thanks for playing!

No problem

love the game thank you :)

The pleasure is mine! Thanks for playing!

The atmosphere is amazing

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed every second of the game!

A significant amount of effort and development time was dedicated to creating the ideal in-game surroundings for players to fully immerse in.